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Wednesday, January 11th would’ve been the 262th birthday of Alexander Hamilton, the American founding father whose face adorns the 10-dollar bill. Hamilton was a major player in America’s infancy. He served as Washington’s aide during the American Revolution, and was the founder of America’s national bank. Despite all his effort, Hamilton lived a controversial life, and was most remembered for his death in a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr. Forgotten by America and the world, Hamilton was only known as the guy on the 10-dollar bill by many, until 2015 when the hit musical Hamilton renewed the public interest in him. Our Toastmasters of the Day, John Lo, would like to invite you to learn about Alexander Hamilton and the musical that shined the spotlight on him once again almost 200 years after his death.



Dear Div. E Officers,

Happy New Year!  It's time for us to charge ourselves up at the beginning of this new year.  We prepare 4 special "dishes" to keep you revitalized and perform well on your Toastmasters duty the whole year:

Dish 1:      How to conduct a workshop (如何準備一個 workshop), presented by Rojer Chen (former Area E3 Director)

Dish 2:      How to create your content (如何找到演講題材), presented by Erin Lee (Area E3 Director)

Dish 3:      From C1 to DTM (DTM的成長歷程), presented by Michael Xie (Div. A Director)

Dish 4:      Toastmasters Pathways Learning (Toastmasters新的教育系統), presented by Emily Chan (former Div. E Director)

Bring your members and non-Toastmasters friends to join us. Let's have a fun and educational training together!  

We're looking forward to seeing you on Jan. 21, 2017.

Please click here for registration.


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“What if every time you read aloud, the story came to life?” Ink heart is a movie about a father and a daughter had a special gift-silver tongue-when it comes to reading stories. Every story role they read would come to reality from the book. We don’t have this special gift. Lucky enough we are talented creating vivid stories by ourselves. What we need to do is THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Come to join our meeting without your logical thinking. Come to show your creative silver tongue on Dec. 24. You will be the best storyteller.



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Did you find how to back to the future?
No matter what you know
Please join the meeting and share it

Rojer Chen is going to be our Toastmasters of the Day



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"Turkey, dinner, and thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving day has traditionally been a celebration of the blessings of the year, including the harvest. We don’t have thanksgiving holiday in Taiwan, but still we can give our thanks to someone or something made us feel grateful. Being grateful is also one of the sources to be happiness.
When did you feel thankful most recently? We sincerely invite you to share the story about thanksgiving."

John Huang is going to be our Toastmasters of the Day
Please come and join us !!



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Casino, a legal gambling place, is regarded as an strategy frequently to boost tourism economy. It attract people and money efficiently. However, the strong affect to local environment and culture come behind with casinos. As to the news of 澎湖 casino, the speaker Rojer is going to talk the issue on this Saturday. If you had followed this topic or you had been to casino and wanted to know more, welcome to join our discussion on Oct.22.

Mandy Chen is going to be our Toastmasters of the Day
Please come and join us !!



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For celebrate YZU Club move to a new venue, we're going to hold a "Cocktail Party" on this Saturday afternoon. During the meeting, you will learn how to make cocktails and taste some of them. Come and bring your friends join our meeting. 

PS. Please bring "a bottle" (juice or soda or spirits) here, to enjoy fresh home made Cocktails!

夏天的尾巴已經溜走,秋天正是喝雞尾酒的好時節,為了慶祝 YZU Club 搬新家,本次例會主題: 雞尾酒派對,我們將淺嚐並分享幾種雞尾酒的做法,不管你是想學習調酒新知識,還是想來喝到趴,這個星期六歡迎偕同親朋好友參加YZU例會。錯過上次瘋狂啤酒派對的你,這次缺席就要等明年啦!!

入場請務必攜帶"ㄧ瓶飲料" (果汁或汽水或烈酒),就可享受現調雞尾酒!



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This coming Saturday (9/24) we'll hold an in-house contest.  We are honored to have Albert Wu as our Chief Judge.     
To be a contestant or a helper in the contest is a great way to go through the learning process.  Do not miss this terrific opportunity to sharpen your public speaking and service leadership skills.  Your effort will finally pay off, to be sure! 



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What was your most embarrassing moment?
"Failing down in public?"
"Meeting your ex-lover?"
"Forgetting to zip up your pants?"

Hecate Lai is going to be our Toastmasters of the Day(9/3). 
Our meeting theme is "Embarrassing Moment".
Please come and join us !!

注意:09/03 會地點暫移 中壢市長春三路21號宜誠登峰社區,也是在內壢),該社區近內壢交流道、公園旁,路邊凡是沒有畫紅線的部份,都可以停車。




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Music has been playing an important role in our daily life, not to mention love songs. 

In our different time of growth, there must be an unforgettable love song with us.

Maybe we can not remember what our first love looked like
Maybe we can not remember how heart breaking we were in a relationship
I believe we remembered the love song at that time
Our Toastmaster of the Day, Raymond Lee would like to invite you to join our meeting
Please share your special love songs and memories in your life

We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday Afternoon!

注意:這次 8/27 會地點暫移 中壢市長春三路21號宜誠登峰社區,也是在內壢),該社區近內壢交流道、公園旁,路邊凡是沒有畫紅線的部份,都可以停車。